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Embody Self-Reflection into Your Journey of Self-Love

Jun 02, 2023

"The journey into self-love must begin in with self-examination, until you take the journey of self-reflection, it is impossible to grow or learn in life." - Iyanla Vanzant


Sometimes, self-love isn't solely about praising ourselves or being perpetual cheerleaders. It transcends the mere satisfaction with our decisions and comfort within our own skin. While these notions undeniably contribute to self-love, they do not encompass its entirety.



  • Self-love impels us to delve deeper, exploring the aspects of ourselves that we may not favor. It requires courage to examine the underlying reasons behind our flaws and mistakes. It entails being honest with ourselves, acknowledging our shortcomings, and recognizing areas where personal growth is necessary.
  • Establishing boundaries is also a vital component of self-love. It necessitates understanding that not everything that offers fleeting happiness aligns with our long-term development, inner tranquility, and self-identity. Self-love encompasses having the courage to accept our failures and extend forgiveness to ourselves for committing them.

While it is crucial to love and uplift ourselves, honesty and self-reflection should also form integral parts of our self-love practice.

  • If we find discontentment with our bodies, it is imperative to evaluate our eating habits, our relationship with food, and our overall physical well-being. Similarly, if we experience a lack of fulfillment at work, we should engage in self-reflection regarding the challenges we face, the work environment, and the extent to which our skills are utilized. Self-reflection plays a pivotal role in personal and professional growth.
  • This principle applies equally to our relationships and friendships. If these connections fail to contribute positively to our sense of self-worth, it is vital to address the issue. Evaluating our own actions, assessing the reciprocity of what we give and receive, is fundamental to nurturing healthy connections. We should love and respect ourselves, refusing to settle for anything less, while also ensuring that we wholeheartedly invest in these relationships.

When our souls feel fatigued or restless, it may not be indicative of inadequate self-love. Rather, it might serve as a signal that we have not dedicated sufficient time to understand the burdens that weigh upon our spirits.

Undoubtedly, self-love is of great significance. By loving ourselves, we extend that love to others and the world around us. Nevertheless, self-love transcends mere pep talks and constant affirmation. It encompasses self-reflection and the willingness to confront the aspects of ourselves that we would prefer to conceal, thereby identifying areas for growth.


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